Disability Plan Audits

Are you sure your Third Party Administrator is accurately administering your plans? Do you receive complaints about claims being improperly denied? Are you in litigation, including class actions, for violation of the Family Medical Leave Act? We provide deep dive audits into the practices of TPA’s as they execute your policy on the ground to ensure that you get what you’re paying for. If you need help in designing the right administration plan, we can help there as well.

Business and Product Roadmaps

Not sure where your business needs to go? We provide market analysis services to identify future growth opportunities based on the synergies between your product offering as it exists today, what the demands are in the market, upcoming services and technologies, and where your product needs to grow to meet future demand.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Do you have a company you’re considering for your business, but don’t have the expertise to fully vet them? We can help! We bring business strategists, financial analysts, operations analysts, and technology experts to fully vet out what any initiative will entail, ensuring that you have the right insights to make the right investment decision.

Retrospective Audit Training

Are you losing money because a payer is claiming after the fact that your medical records don’t support the claims you submitted? We bring machine learning techniques to reverse engineer which claims the payers are looking at, and will train your coding teams and clinicians how they need to document a medical record to withstand scrutiny based on the actual claims being audited. Ensure you’re being paid for the life saving work you do, contact us for a demonstration of how we can get you ahead of the third party payers.