Evidence-based Medicine

Do you know which patients should receive which alternative treatments? Will the patient who just walked into your Emergency Department in pain become addicted to narcotics? Should alternative treatments be pursued for the long term health of the patient? We leverage extensive data sets not regularly available in the clinical setting to augment your own data to identify trends and practices that will yield better results at your hospital.

Data Driven Treatment

Payment Integrity Predictive Models

A machine-learning algorithm trained on millions of commercial claims across the United States that predicts which claims will likely be found to have been erroneously paid after a retrospective audit. Not only can we identify what those claims are, we can prime the pump by telling you what they’re more likely to have been. Demonstration using your own claims provided for free, please contract us for details.

Payment Assurance

Care Management

We design customized care plans based on your needs, with execution through a group of trusted partners to bring the right skills to the table to deliver the telephonic care plans you need.

CPT 99490 Care Plans